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These lampshades have been designed to suit my wooden lamp-bases, they come in a small range of sizes and fall into three categories at present.

All materials are backed with lighting industry standard laminate which conforms with bs.en 60598 and allows the shades to be safely used with bulbs up to 60watt. The lampshade materials are backed onto three different kinds of laminate , each giving different qualities of light, the transparent laminate allows the detail of the fabrics used to be seen from both sides and allows maximum glow from the bulb, the double-sided laminate allows the shade to be lined with a complimentary material and the gold laminate which is opaque gives a wonderful glow which rises and falls from the shade when the bulb is lit, this is especially effective when a lamp has gold leaf detail on it.

All my shades at present are made to the same proportions, the lower shade ring wider than the top to give a subtle and elegant shape which I feel is preferable to the ubiquitous and easier to make drum, having said that I have recently started making some drum lampshades which I have found suit the maps very well and my new taller lamps. I always keep an eye out for inspiration for new shapes, certainly when I am at the cinema!

My lampshades fall into the following three categories:

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